Landscape Design

Your outdoor space can be easily transformed into a private sanctuary by letting the hands of creative people work on the landscape design plan. By getting the services of experienced landscape designers, you will be able to achieve your desired theme, select the amenities that will suit your needs, and choose the specific location of each feature in the landscape. Revision of the design plan is also possible because of the modern design tools that they use. And if you choose us for this job, you will be assured of a well-crafted design plan.

Landscape design is one of our specialties here at Berkeley Design Group. We are known in the state for our unique designs that are also stunning and functional. Our portfolio includes some of the best designed landscapes in Williamsburg, Richmond, Providence Forge, Poquoson, Gloucester Point, Newport News, Gloucester, Hampton, West Point and Virginia Beach, VA. The designs that we have worked on are not limited to residential properties but also include commercial and public areas. If you want to speak with one of our landscape designers, please call us now at (757) 903-1772 or (804) 217-7408.


The landscape is composed of various elements. With the right combinations and proper placement in the landscape design plan, you will definitely get stunningly beautiful landscaping in your property. The major elements that must be included in the design are softscapes, hardscapes, water features, shade structures, fire features, and wood elements.

Landscaping Ideas

Creative people can always come up with great landscaping ideas. But if you are not gifted with this skill, it’s better to hire professionals to help you with the conceptualization and design planning. The creative skills of professional landscape designers are usually honed by formal training and actual design experience. They are also updated on the latest design techniques, so you are assured that they can create your dream landscape design. 

Garden Design

The softscape elements must be carefully selected and placed in their right spots. With a well-thought-out garden design, you can have beautiful gardens that may bloom throughout the year. They may change color every season, provide a visual drama in the landscape, and serve other important functions. A complete garden setup usually includes groundcovers, annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees. Today, most landscapers will suggest the inclusion of other elements in the garden designs that they create. Rock and water gardens are some examples of this design approach.

Patio Design

Since a patio can become a focal feature in the landscape, its design must be carefully planned. It must complement with other elements or features in the landscape. The common patio design that is popular among Virginia homeowners is the open-type patio. This particular type is easy to install, cost-effective, and cheaper to maintain. Landscape designers also consider the type of materials in a patio installation job. For example, pavers are the most preferred materials for patio flooring for their durability and aesthetic appeal.

If you want to learn more about our landscape design services, please contact us soon. We have the best people in our team who are eager to create one-of-a-kind landscapes for discriminating clients like you.