Our Story

How it Began at

Hoot's Smokehouse

The inspiration behind Hoot’s Smokehouse is my late Grandfather Henry ‘Hoot’ Powell, of Houston, Texas. Hoot was a man of many talents, a jack-of-all-trades. He did everything from automobile repair to building a makeshift water slide for his grandchildren, but the one thing that he loved the most was smoking meat – TEXAS STYLE( long and slow).

Hoot got his start in the kitchen next to his mother, Mattie. That tender relationship set the stage for Hoot’s legacy of food, family and friends. His homegrown cooking talent soon proved useful in kitchens all across Houston. Hoot worked beside his wife, sisters and brother-in-law in prominent country clubs and restaurants further perfecting his craft.

His cooking, generosity and love for people earned him many friends. After a long day, if you stopped by his home, there was most likely a hot and filling plate of delicious bbq.

As a family man, he expressed his love through cooking. Many times that often meant he was smoking meat. Hoot could fashion a pit out of almost anything that could fit a rack in it and be covered with a lid. In Hoot’s hands, barrels, refrigerators and other items were turned into amazing smokers. The result every single time was juicy, tender, masterfully smoked meat. Whether brisket, ribs, chicken, pork bones or whatever he decided to smoke that day.

His philosophy was “Keep the fire away from the meat and smoke it slowly.” For newcomers asking what type of barbecue sauce he used, Hoot would say, “Use whatever sauce you like but you don’t need any sauce to eat my meat.” In 2017, Hoot’s smokehouse was established to continue and share that same spirit of warmth, hospitality and skillfully smoked meat to each and everyone of our guests.

Your’s Truly,

Marcus Powell
(Hoot’s Grandson)