Retaining Walls

The construction of retaining walls in your property is not only for aesthetic purposes but also for improving safety in the outdoor area. They are usually installed to prevent eroding soil that can damage landscape features and amenities. With this critical function, a retaining wall should be built using sturdy materials and installed by qualified people. A poorly installed wall can result in accidents and early deterioration of the structure. Ensure the integrity of your retaining wall by hiring people with expertise in hardscape construction. They can guarantee the structural integrity of the walls they build.

Berkeley Design Group is a trusted retaining wall builder in Virginia. If you entrust to us your retaining wall project, we will assure you of topnotch workmanship and stunning wall designs. The crews who will be working on your walls are the best in their field. They have built countless retaining walls for residential and commercial clients in the state. Most of their completed works are located in Williamsburg, Richmond, Providence Forge, Poquoson, Gloucester Point, Newport News, Gloucester, Hampton, West Point and Virginia Beach, VA. Get in touch with us by calling (757) 903-1772 or (804) 217-7408. We will be glad to assist you in your queries.

Retaining Wall

It is always a must to choose the right type of retaining wall for your property. Your options include gravity, cantilever, gabion, and hybrid retaining walls. Your contractor can help you choose the right one and explain to you the advantages of picking the said wall design. This hardscape feature must be carefully built to function properly.

Retaining Wall Blocks

The reliability of your walls largely depends on the quality of the retaining wall blocks. Using subpar materials can lead to collapsing walls or unappealing outdoor features. To avoid these from happening, you need to get your wall blocks from trustworthy suppliers or experienced contractors like us at Berkeley Design Group. Our decades of experience in the industry have helped us identify which brands of wall blocks to avoid. We use only durable blocks from our partner suppliers who are also the leading manufacturers in the country.

Concrete Blocks

Most property owners choose concrete blocks for retaining wall projects because of fast installation process, lower installation cost, and minimal maintenance requirements. They are durable and made from the finest materials, making them perfect materials for large and tall retaining walls. This block type is available in a wide range of designs, so clients can get a highly personalized retaining wall.

Building a Retaining Wall

Building a retaining wall in your landscape is not a DIY job. There are several factors to consider if you want to ensure the structural integrity of each retaining wall in your property. These factors include the wall’s height and length, the proposed location of the retaining walls, soil condition, the existing features in the landscape, and your budget. The cost of retaining wall installation varies depending on the type of materials you use, so it is important to discuss this matter to your contractor. You can choose from concrete blocks, natural stones, or bricks, depending on your preferences.

With Berkeley Design Group on your side, you can just sit back and relax while we are working on your retaining wall project. We create the design and follow systematic and proven installation techniques to provide clients like you with top-quality and long-lasting retaining walls.