Pavers are commonly used for outdoor features and amenities. Contractors and property owners choose this type of paving material because of its durability and aesthetic appeal. It is also considered as a versatile masonry material since it can be used on a variety of applications such as patio and deck installations. It is also the preferred material for residential and commercial property improvement projects. 

If you also want to enjoy the benefits of having beautiful paved amenities in your home or commercial property, please contact us at Berkeley Design Group. We can handle the installation of different types of pavers, such as stones, concrete, and bricks. Our expertise in this field is honed by our decades of experience in the industry. We also ensure that our people are updated on the latest trends and certified by industry organizations. Their portfolios include some of the gorgeously designed paver amenities in Williamsburg, Richmond, Providence Forge, Poquoson, Gloucester Point, Newport News, Gloucester, Hampton, West Point and Virginia Beach, VA. Contact us today at (757) 903-1772 or (804) 217-7408.

Paving Stones

At Berkeley Design Group, we understand your desire to have beautiful and attractive outdoor amenities. We can help you in this aspect by choosing the best materials for your project. Our highly recommended materials for paved features are natural stones. The paving stones that we use in our projects include cobblestones, slate, bluestone, granite, and sandstone. These materials are sourced from reliable quarry companies, so their quality is guaranteed exceptional.

Patio Pavers

Almost every home in Virginia has outdoor living features, and the most popular among them is the patio. This is not surprising since this amenity provides additional space that can be used for rest and relaxation, family gatherings, and special occasions. If you still don’t have this particular outdoor living amenity, we encourage you to build one now. Cost is not a factor when designing and building patios since they can be custom-built according to your budget allocation. You can also choose the type of materials and the specific features to include in the design. In fact, most property owners prefer to use patio pavers because of lower installation cost.

When you get our services, we will create a highly personalized patio design that you will surely love. We primarily use patio pavers for this type of project because of the aesthetic benefits that they offer. They come in a wide range of designs, patterns, colors, sizes, so achieving your preferred theme is a breeze.

Concrete Pavers

Design flexibility is just one of the characteristics of concrete pavers. They are available in a wide range of patterns, colors, and sizes, allowing property owners to choose their desired design or theme. These types of pavers are also durable and long-lasting. Outdoor features that were built using these materials can last for decades with minimal maintenance effort.

Brick Pavers

The beauty of brick pavers is usually understated. They offer a unique charm that can’t be imitated by other paving materials. Bricks also offer other advantages such as lower installation cost, safe and eco-friendly, and long-lasting. You can also pick your desired color tone and patterns to achieve elegant outdoor features.

With the help of Berkeley Design Group, you can have professionally designed and installed outdoor features and amenities. The pavers that we use are topnotch and sourced from leading suppliers in the country. Contact us and we’ll work out the best paver design for you.